R & M

We are mainly targeting Energy Intensive Industry in India for energy conservation and Optimisation. For this, we have business association with FUJI Electric Co. Ltd, Japan.

  • Renovation & Modernisation of existing Steam Turbines , changing of Critical Components and Balance of Plant items.

  • Renovation and Modernisation of existing Gas Turbines, changing of Critical Components.

  • Replacing Fuel Systems, conversion from single to dual fuel and conversion from Naphtha to Natural Gas.
  • Energy conservation and Optimisation through our business association with FUJI Electric Co. Ltd, Japan for Energy Intensive Industry in India. FUJI has designed its own system software (with 95 percent market share within Japan) for analyzing the existing level of energy (Water, Steam, Gas) utilisation in a particular industry and accordingly suggest future energy requirements thereby, making system more optimized and efficient. Presently targeting STEEL & CEMENT Industry in India.