For Power Plants:


Company is a major International Player producing heavy-duty special steel alloy forgings for Low Pressure (LP) / Intermediate Pressure (IP) and High Pressure (HP) Turbine Rotors as well Generator Rotor Forgings. We are presently engaged in supplying a lot many such forgings to various customers in India for their bigger power modules of all ranges of Thermal / Gas / Hydro / Nuclear Turbines like 210/ 250/500/ 600/ 660/ 800 MW ratings through JCFC, as well as for the smaller Industrial turbines. We also supply Forged Steel Rolls (Work and Back up Roll) to major Steel Plants (both Private and Public Enterprise).


KME Germany has a vast range of special Copper and copper alloys and is world’s topmost copper link for various key infrastructure applications. Automobile sector is another notable sector tapped by us in fetching a major amount of business to KME for their Resistance/ spot welding non consumable electrodes branded as ELBRODUR electrodes in various grades of Copper Chromium Zirconium and Copper Beryllium. We are regularly supplying for the last 15 years to BHEL some high cost special copper alloys of KME being used in their electrical machines(Alternator components) like – Silver Bearing Copper strips and Generator windings/ Slot & Damper Wedge profiles – Copper chromium Zirconium alloy being used as special gripping fast heat dissipating components for the Generator windings made as per customer Drawings/ Copper chromium zirconium rounds and Field lead core bars as stampings for the Generator stationary magnetic coils etc.


Company has more than 40 years’ experience in Titanium Alloy research and development. They have multiple Titanium Alloy Precision (investment) Casting Assembly Lines with production capacity 1000 ton/per year. Sunrui is one of the leading suppliers of Titanium Alloy Precision Castings all over the world. The Main products of the company are: Titanium Alloy Precision Castings, Titanium Alloy Graphite Castings, Titanium Coils, Sheets & Plates, Titanium Welded Tube, Titanium Alloy Heat-Exchangers, Titanium Ingots and Titanium golf club head.

Rotring Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.:

Initially, started off as a Joint venture company with Bilfinger Rotring Engineering AG, Germany. It is our Partner Firm and it’s business activities are in the following areas for Gas and Coal based Power Plants:

– Fuel Gas Systems
– Fuel Oil Forwarding and Treatment Systems
– Control Fluid Purification Units
We have a team of well-trained qualified Engineers to carry out complete Fuel Gas/Oil Handling and Management contracts on turnkey basis for the Gas Turbines Power Plants all across the World.Our Team also looks after the requirement of Spare Filter and Cartridges for Control Fluid Regeneration System in Thermal Power Plants run by NTPC and State Electricity Boards across India.

For Steel Plants:


Company supplies forged alloy steel Back up Roll to major Steel Plants (both Private and Public Enterprise). We have supplied forged Back up Rolls to Rourkela Steel Plant and Salem Steel Plant (units of SAIL) and to STEELCO Gujarat Ltd.


Company is a diversified business group. We are representing Company for their Energy Conservation & Optimization business in India. Fuji has designed ENERGY CENTRE for different Industry namely: POWER, STEEL, SUGAR, and CEMENT. Purpose of these Energy Centre is analysing the energy utilization pattern in plant and through its system suggesting ways and means to prevent energy loss. The system is quite effective for Energy Intensive industries as it optimizes energy utilization pattern in the plant and also helps in forecasting future energy requirement. Fuji has almost 95 percent share in Japanese Steel Industry wherein this system has been installed and working successfully. We have introduced first such Energy Management Centre at SAIL’s Burnpur plant.

For Oil & Gas Sector:


Established in 1995 and Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Technics manufactures all types of Blending Systems for Crude, different Fuels, Lubricants and Heavy Fuel Oil. They also do specialize in Custody Transfer Systems, Tank Farm Automation and SCADA System. Main Customers are Honeywell, Roseneft, Total and many more Refineries. We are now implementing an In-Line Crude Blending System for BPCL with them.


Mirrico Specializes in Robotic services for cleaning, diagnostic technology & sludge processing for Tanks and Oil field equipment’s. Robots used by Mirrico Group allows you to clean
tanks even faster, better and safer due to different design options. They clean equipment’s both above
ground & underground tanks as well as vessels of any volume and pipelines of various diameters. Mirrico also specializes in manufacturing and supply of specialty Chemicals for Oil & Gas Up-stream, Mid-stream and Down-stream such as: Drag Reducing Additive (DRA) Flow improver, demulsifier, Corrosion inhibitors for Crude & Products


Company is based in Ukraine and serving Oil & Gas industry since 1998. They are manufacturers of Linear Motion Mud cleaner, Shale Shakers, Solid Control Systems, Slurry Pumps, Vacuum Degasser, Mud-Desilter, Hydrocyclones, Mud Tanks, Mud Agitator, Chemical Injection & Dosing Skids. Main customers are Poltava Petroleum, Ukranafta and Ukragaz.


Established in 1956 and Headquartered in Sprockhovel, Germany, Boehmer manufactures all types of Ball Valves from 1/8” to 56” and suitable for pressures of upto 500bar (2500 class). Oil & Gas applications mainly include Fully Welded Ball Valves, Distrtict Heating/Steam Ball Valves, Subsea Ball Valves and Split Body Ball Valves.


Company is an expert in NIR, NMR, SO2 and Nitrogen Analyzer Houses. They specialize in Beacon 3000 NIR Analyzer & Crude Analyzer. Vast experience in process analysis, control and optimization for production of high value and on-specification products at optimal cost and minimal environmental burden. Main customers are ABB, Carmel, Bazan Refinery, Roseneft etc.


Company manufactures valves, since 1988 such as ball, gate, globe, check, plug, special valves, and custom-made valves with all kind of accessories, in a wide variety of types, sizes and materials. They Specialize in DBB Plug Valve and Rising Stem Ball Valves. These valves are of use mainly in Tank Farm, Jetty areas where leakage of Crude cannot be expected. Main customers include KOC, PDO, Cadagua, Petronas, SKSOL with many more refineries and Engineering.


Company is a leading designer, producer and EPCM contractor in the field of air and gas separation in CIS and Eastern Europe. They are manufacturers of Natural Gas Recovery, Helium Recovery from Natural Gas, Air & Gas Purification Plants, Nitrogen, Hydrogen plants. Grasys produces the equipment meeting the ASME, CE standard, as well as corporate standards. Major customers being Shell, Conoco Phillips, ExxonMobil, Gazprom, Rosneft, TNK-BP, Lukoil, NOVATEK.

For Defence & Aerospace Sector:


CFK Valley was founded in 2004. It is an International Competence Network for CFRP Technology. It is an Umbrella Organisation with more than 120 companies as members, along the entire CFRP value chain. Together, we have formed CFK Valley India to bring Indian companies in touch with International companies for various CFRP requirements. Our Main Objective is: Bringing right partners together for business and projects related to CFRP.


CTC is 100% subsidiary of AIRBUS Operations GmbH. CTC is your full-service partner for developing efficient series production of components with Composite materials. Different activity stages for CTC are: Component development, Test components and small runs, Production development, Training.


AR Engineers offers Consulting Services in field of Composites for Product Development, Material Consulting & Engineering services. AR Engineers offers these services for: Aviation, Ship Building Industry, Offshore, Wind Energy, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles Company has over ten years of experience constructing, calculating and realising composite projects for the Aviation and Formula 1 Industries.


INVENT’s key activities are: Development, production and qualification of Composite Fiber structures with diverse application possibilities. For production and the processing of the products INVENT has an extensive machine at its facility; from simple hand laminates over Prepreg and winding technology to Autoclave-based resin infusion processes. INVENT also has facilities for metal and plastics processing as well as for post-processing and further processing and testing. Since 1996, INVENT has delivered its products/services to all Major clients in Defence & Aerospace, Automobile and other Industrial Applications.


Alpex Technologies is a leading Global Supplier of Tooling Systems for the production of composite components. Company expertise covers everything from development and design through construction and manufacturing, to assembly of the complete production solution. ALPEX Technologies is a reliable partner for leading manufacturers of high-performance lightweight components in the aerospace and Automotive and Space industries.


Inca-Fibre offers following products/services: Metalised Carbon Fibers and Textiles, coating facilities of Carbon Fibers, Carbon Fiber sizing & de-sizing, Functional CFRP, Electroplating of Carbon Fibers, Lightweight design of Carbon Fibers and Other consulting Services. Some of the key clients of Inca-Fiber are: Airbus Group (metalised woven), AMtopus GmbH & Co. KG (coating facility-3D objects), Lumentics GbR (electrolyte development), CG –Tec GmbH (Consulting Services) etc.


Langzauner is the leading expert in the development and production of hydraulic presses, automation solutions, special solutions and tailor-made concept solutions in the automotive, aerospace, energy, aviation, motorcycle and sports industries. Langzauner can supply composite Presses upto 50,000 KN Automation-Hydraulic & Automation Presses, Storage & Retrieval machines, High Bay warehouse system, Mould Press systems, Rack Feeder, Storage System, Material Transfer or any customized requirement. They produce and develop tailor-made press systems for sandwich, crush core and honeycomb, Resin Transfer Molding, Prepreg Compression Molding, Thermoplastic & Thermo Forming.


KROENERT has been the global leader for over 110 years in providing turnkey line solutions in the field of coating technology. Resin Film coating line-PAK 400, 400D, 400EP PAK 400 EP is especially developed for the coating of high viscous resin films in the Prepreg and Composite industry. RECO series for the production of Prepreg (RECO EP) for the horizontal or vertical process are designed and manufactured. Besides complete lines, a comprehensive range of re-winders and unwinders, more than 60 modular coating systems and the latest dryers, humidifiers and laminating systems can be designed, produced and delivered.


Testia is an AIRBUS Company with 25 years of experience in NDTA Worldwide reference for NDT Aerospace training. Some key activities of Company are: Training, Engineering (high level of expertise on complex components and processes), Products, Consultancy (NTD & Chemical Processing) In-service Inspection and Testing.

Roth Composite Machinery GmbH, Germany:

Roth Composite Machinery has been supplying production equipment for prepreg semi-finished fibre composites for more than 25 years (formerly as Bolenz & Schäfer or EHA). Company is a global leader in supplying Filament Winding & Prepreg machinery. There is a comprehensive portfolio of possible machine variants available which can meet any customer requirement regarding process control and the materials to be converted. Modular design allows for great flexibility in selecting material- and process-specific components.